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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Specialised, gentle rhythmic pumping techniques are used in this massage to move the skin in the direction of the lymph flow. This stimulates the lymphatic vessels that carry substances vital to the defence of the body as well as helping to remove waste products.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) is particularly beneficial for: Lymphoedema; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME); Fibromyalgia; fluid retention; pre and post surgery; recurring infections, and stress. It is also recommended after having Vaser Lipo as it helps reduce the fluid giving better results.

Testimonials from clients who have had LDM:

On September 2nd 2015 I was on my way to work carrying a set of gymnastic frames, a stumble, a trip and 5 seconds later I am lying in the road with two shattered kneecaps. A completely freak accident. 8 weeks later they removed my casts and I began the first steps of my long road to recovery. The biggest issue, which I hadn’t foreseen, was the swelling in my ankles and calves, that made it virtually impossible to spend any significant time standing. Being immobilised gives you plenty of time to research and learn about your injuries, and one of the side effects of prolonged time in casts is that the lymphatic system struggles to clear the toxins. That’s it in simple terms. I’m a personal trainer, so if I can’t stand, I’m in trouble. A friend suggested I contact Alex Gwinnell. The first time she treated me, my right ankle was almost twice the size, and by the end of the treatment it had reduced noticeably in size, and the pain had subsided. I expected this to be a painful session that would ‘release’ the fluid causing the swelling. Alex explained what was going on and I found the treatment both relaxing, painfree and completely worthwhile. After my first session I was convinced. My sessions with Alex have become one of the most valuable treatments on my road to recovery so far. Personally, I’ve found Alex to be highly inspirational, punctual and professional and I would highly recommend her.


Lymphodema is something rarely mentioned when you are diagnosed with breast cancer but it is the one thing that I found hardest to cope with me it is worse than the chemo, the radiotherapy, losing my hair and the scars. It is a constant reminder that I have had breast cancer ... I was devastated when I developed it. I was uncomfortable with the sleeve they give you to wear so I looked for alternatives and found Alex....she has literally made a bad situation good ...her massage has helped enormously to the point my arm, wrist and hand look almost 'normal' again. Alex is professional, personable and knows her stuff.


I had Vaser lipo surgery on my lower abdomen and was advised to have some sessions of Lymphatic Drainage Massage as soon as possible after the surgery. I didn’t know anything about this type of massage and was quite concerned that it would be uncomfortable but after finding Alex on the internet and speaking to her she explained that it is the gentlest form of massage and wouldn’t hurt at all. She was very accommodating with availability to come to my house within the next couple of days, and made me feel very relaxed about the whole thing. I had 4 sessions of 30mins and it was worth every one of them as lumps do occur with this type of procedure and the LDM definitely helps with the healing process and although you are advised to massage yourself also, it’s so much better when someone knows what they are doing!!. I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone who has been advised to have this type of massage.


My wife has suffered with ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for a number of years. During this time the condition worsened to a point where she was almost bedridden. Through the internet we discovered that Lymphatic drainage massage had helped 'energise' other sufferers and so for the past year have employed Alex to provide such massage. These massages have had a very positive effect on my wife, who is now definitely on the mend. What has been special with the service provided by Alex though, is not only the effect of the massage, but also the positive pyschological effect on my wife created by Alex's caring and empathetic approach, this empathy enabled by the thorough research Alex has made into the condition.

Gareth and Susan

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