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I met Alex Gwinnell a few years ago after an introduction by a mutual friend. Having been a volunteer with Breast Cancer Care for 10 years my friend thought we should meet. At our first meeting I saw a passion in Alex. She exudes not only a passion for the work she carries out, but most importantly its her passion to help others that shines through. Ten minutes into our meeting she was asking me how she could help. I called on Alex shortly after that first meeting to ask if she would be the therapist at our newly opened Sevenoaks Breast Cancer Support Group and she said yes immediately, and I’m happy to say that she is with us to this day. Alex’s skill is not just in the physical side of her work. She also has this wonderful ability of putting her clients at ease with her gentle manner, as well as huge respect for their desire to understand the treatment they undergo. She does all of this in a kind and professional way and you can see the gratitude on the faces of those she treats. We are proud to have Alex as part of the team and we hope to work with her much more in the future. I truly believe that kindness and respect is the most important thing to possess, especially for those suffering from painful medical condition. Alex has that in droves. It’s wonderful to watch her work and I know  that those who need her help at our support group are grateful to have her as their therapist."

Steph Harrison

I see Alex every two weeks for my Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage. It really helps manage the condition and by the end of each session the results are clearly visible! If you have lymphoedema I would highly recommend Alex from Therapia!


I started receiving MLD from Alex as my treatment for Breast Cancer was finishing. Following 8 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, I was at a low ebb and feeling depressed. My swollen right arm was affecting my self confidence, and preventing me from making a full recovery. Alex was professional and reassuring from the outset. She understood how I felt and provided a much needed respite from the medical treatment that had become the norm during the previous 9 months. My lymphodedema started improving almost immediately with a 45% swelling reducing to 20% in 6 months. The massage provides an hour of relaxing time which has been invaluable to my recovery. I am now back in full time work and able to wear clothes which I was unable to due to my swollen arm! Alex is more than my MLD specialist, she has become a close friend who has helped me more than she will ever know. Thank you Alex.


Best massage therapist ever!! What could be better than having a massage in the comfort of your own home. Highly recommended.


This morning I had a wonderful Mind and Body treatment with @TherapiaAlex. What a clever mix of hypnosis and massage.  Thank you Alex.


After having a bodytite operation I was advised to have lymphatic drainage massages. I was a little sceptical as I thought it was more expense and I could massage my own tummy! However I had several treatments and must admit the benefits most certainly outweighed the costs . I also feel it accelerated the benefits of the bodytite operation and feel these go hand in hand . Overall a strong recommendation for Alex from myself!


My 7 year old daughter was suffering with anxiety due to the split up of me and her dad, she was having problems sleeping, this included night terrors bed wetting and sleepwalking, she was also having trouble concentrating during the day, she was very unsettled and found it hard to relax. My friend suggested to me that maybe her having massages would help to calm and relax her, this is when I found Alex. All I can say is a massive thank you! Since Alex has been giving my daughter massages she is a lot calmer and she finds it easier to relax, she's sleeping so much better, there's no more night terrors or sleepwalking and the bed wetting is very minimal. Her concentration is a lot better and even her teachers have noticed a difference in her. Thank you Alex, thanks to you Ellie is sleeping a lot better which means I am too, and everyone is happy!


My wife has suffered with ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for a number of years. During this time the condition worsened to a point where she was almost bedridden. Through the internet we discovered that Lymphatic drainage massage had helped 'energise' other sufferers and so for the past year have employed Alex to provide such massage. These massages have had a very positive effect on my wife, who is now definitely on the mend. What has been special with the service provided by Alex though, is not only the effect of the massage, but also the positive pyschological effect on my wife created by Alex's caring and empathetic approach, this empathy enabled by the thorough research Alex has made into the condition.


I had Vaser lipo surgery on my lower abdomen and was advised to have some sessions of Manual Lymphatic Drainage as soon as possible after the surgery. I didn’t know anything about this type of massage and was quite concerned that it would be uncomfortable but after finding Alex on the internet and speaking to her she explained that it is the gentlest form of massage and wouldn’t hurt at all. She was very accommodating with availability to come to my house within the next couple of days, and made me feel very relaxed about the whole thing. I had 4 sessions of 30mins and it was worth every one of them as lumps do occur with this type of procedure and the MLD definitely helps with the healing process and although you are advised to massage yourself also, it’s so much better when someone knows what they are doing!!.  I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone who has been advised to have this type of massage.


Amazing Hypnotherapy massage for stress this morning while listening to an audio of Christopher Morgan-Locke


Alex has a perfect approach as a therapist.  She is both warm and professional and has a gentle 'healing' touch. I highly recommend anyone to receive any treatment from her.  You will not be disappointed.


I had been suffering from back and neck problems for about 4 weeks. I had an Indian Head massage last week followed by a full back massage today and its made a huge difference. Alex has said it needs a another 24 hours to work through but the pain has already reduced significantly and my flexibility is a lot better. Both massages were very relaxing, comfortable and soothing as well as healing the aches. I’d recommend you book a session if only for the relaxing experience to de-stress. The cost is ridiculously low when you compare it to high street salons.


Alex made me feel completely at ease from the moment I met her, she is extremely professional and I particularly liked the soothing music and the calm surroundings that she created in my own home. The pregnancy massage was fantastic, gentle and left me feeling fully relaxed and destressed. I was always comfortable on the massage table which is some achievement when pregnant! The products she used smelt lovely! I have to say after a few sessions with her I feel like I have known her for ages!


Ear candles… Anything but a routine experience, but something that should absolutely be part of your personal routine.


As a sufferer of lymphoedema I have tried numerous things to help my swollen ankles so was quite sceptical about lymphatic drainage at first, I have read so many articles on the subject and had found it difficult to find a local therapist. After a one hour massage with Alex, I saw results immediately and I left feeling relaxed and happy that I had done something good for myself. I plan to have regular treatments and the best thing about it is that I can relax in the comfort of my own home – Perfect!


Alex has been coming to me for a few years now, I love the fact treatments are carried out in my home as I get to fully relax afterwards, which is an added benefit. I find reflexology a great help in controlling my IBS and Alex can always tell with a touch of my feet when its good or bad, amazing! I love all forms of massage, you feel so great afterwards. The Japanese face massage almost sends me off to sleep, a very deep relaxation which really helps to relieve everyday stress. Over the years weve chatted and exchanged the highs and lows of life experiences so its like seeing a good friend once a month, what more could you want?


I have been a client of Alex's for at least five years and I have a Neck, Shoulder and Back massage every two weeks. Alex is extremely reliable and friendly and she is excellent at her job. She is very accommodating when making appointments and the beauty is that she comes to your home, with all her equipment and at a time to suit you. As I have young children the fact that she comes to me when they are both in bed is a huge bonus and provides that relaxation and 'me' time that is so valuable. Alex's treatments are very good value for money and I always feel so much better after her massage. I would, without hesitation, definitely recommend that you try one of Alex's treatments- you'll definitely re-book!


Having Alex come to my home, without the stress of having to travel before or after my therapy, makes the whole experience even more relaxing.


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