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Lovely testimonial

“I met Alex Gwinnell a few years ago after an introduction by a mutual friend. Having been a volunteer with Breast Cancer Care for 10 years my friend thought we should meet.
At our first meeting I saw a passion in Alex. She exudes not only a passion for the work she carries out, but most importantly its her passion to help others that shines through. Ten minutes into our meeting she was asking me how she could help. I called on Alex shortly after that first meeting to ask if she would be the therapist at our newly opened Sevenoaks Breast Cancer Support Group and she said yes immediately, and I’m happy to say that she is with us to this day.
Alex’s skill is not just in the physical side of her work. She also has this wonderful ability of putting her clients at ease with her gentle manner, as well as huge respect for their desire to understand the treatment they undergo. She does all of this in a kind and professional way and you can see the gratitude on the faces of those she treats.
We are proud to have Alex as part of the team and we hope to work with her much more in the future. I truly believe that kindness and respect is the most important thing to possess, especially for those suffering from painful medical condition. Alex has that in droves. It’s wonderful to watch her work and I know  that those who need her help at our support group are grateful to have her as their therapist.”
Steph Harrison