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Testimonial from a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Client:

“On September 2nd 2015 I was on my way to work carrying a set of gymnastic frames, a stumble, a trip and 5 seconds later I am lying in the road with two shattered kneecaps. A completely freak accident.  8 weeks later they removed my casts and I began the first steps of my long road to recovery. The biggest issue, which I hadn’t foreseen, was the swelling in my ankles and calves, that made it virtually impossible to spend any significant time standing. Being immobilised gives you plenty of time to research and learn about your injuries, and one of the side effects of prolonged time in casts is that the lymphatic system struggles to clear the toxins. That’s it in simple terms. I’m a personal trainer, so if I can’t stand, I’m in trouble. A friend suggested I contact Alex Gurney. The first time she treated me, my right ankle was almost twice the size, and by the end of the treatment it had reduced noticeably in size, and the pain had subsided. I expected this to be a painful session that would ‘release’ the fluid causing the swelling. Alex explained what was going on and I found the treatment both relaxing, painfree and completely worthwhile. After my first session I was convinced. My sessions with Alex have become one of the most valuable treatments on my road to recovery so far. Personally, I’ve found Alex to be highly inspirational, punctual and professional andI would highly recommend her.” DB – March 2016